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Sport is my life. I believe that it unites and inspires people. Sport should remain the most neutral, open and safe environment for athletes from all over the world. I have created the We Compete As One foundation to support athletes who have been excluded from competition for non-sporting reasons.

Nikita Mazepin,


About the Foundation

We have created the We Compete As One foundation to aid athletes who have been banned from competing for non-sporting reasons. The Foundation provides psychological counseling, legal aid, educational assistance and career guidance to athletes performing at the international level.

Mission of the Foundation

We are a team of professionals with the common goal of helping athletes banned from competing for non-sporting reasons. We believe in impartial sports ethics and equal opportunity for all athletes. We appreciate each athlete for his and her uniqueness, respect moral stance, feelings and diversity of personal opinions. We pay special attention to the needs of the participants of the Foundation and always strive to provide targeted aid to each beneficiary.

Equal opportunity
Comprehensive approach

Types of help

At the We Compete As One foundation, we believe in equal opportunity and help our beneficiaries reach new heights!

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Фонд «Мы выступаем как один»
оказывает адресную поддержку спортсменам, отстраненным от соревнований по неспортивным причинам.
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