Board of Champions

The decision to create a Board of Champions under the auspices of the Foundation stems from our desire to make our support as useful and targeted as possible. Top international athletes who share our mission and values ​​have become members of the Board of Champions. Their life and professional experience, as well as the desire to help athletes, who are in a difficult situation, help us to achieve the most accurate assessment of the assistance measures that we and the partners of the Foundation provide to our beneficiaries.

Their feedback allows us to provide professional support in full and improve the implementation of programs designed to achieve the goals of the Foundation.

Board of Champions:


Margarita Mamun

Gold Medalist at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, 7-time World Champion in rhythmic gymnastics, 4-time European champion, multiple winner of the Grand Prix and World Cup series. 3-time all-around Russian National champion in rhythmic gymnastics. Honored Master of Sports of Russia.

“Sport for the athletes themselves has always been the most neutral and fair space. Any international competition is a place where athletes should have equal starting opportunities and conditions,no matter what country or culture you represent. The exclusion of athletes for non-sporting reasons hinders the development of sport and competition at the global level. I believe that sport isn't just about respect, competition and medals, it's about life. You can't deprive people of their dreams and hopes. I wish success to the Foundation in their endeavor to help every superhero athlete in need, who gives faith, strength and hope to every person anywhere in this world."

Ekaterina Bobrova

Gold Medalist in the figure skating team event at the Sochi 2014 Olympics and Silver Medalist in the team event at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. European Champion, 7-time Russian National champion, Honored Master of Sports.

"I think the Foundation is doing a great job. It may not always be obvious, but professional athletes often need support, including getting an education or forging their own path, especially when the athletic journey has ended for reasons beyond their control. After all, a person who has devoted himself/herself to sports for many years is extremely focused in a very narrow direction. That is why I wholeheartedly support what the We Compete As One foundation is doing and I wish tremendous success to Nikita Mazepin and the entire team of the Foundation!"
, Мазепин, Мамун

Alexandr Sukhorukov

Silver Medalist in the relay at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 2-time World Champion, European Champion, Honored Master of Sports. Multiple record holder of Europe and Russia.

"In my life I devoted many years to sports. I went through performance cycles, recoveries and rehab. However, one of the most important periods of my life was figuring out my life path after sports. I managed to do it in a smooth and measured way, while some athletes were left with no choice. In my opinion, the We Compete As One foundation has become a unique friend and mentor to all athletes who have been suspended for non-sporting reasons. I wish that as many athletes as possible could reach their potential in their new life."
We Compete As One foundation provides comprehensive support to athletes suspended from competitions for non-sporting reasons.
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