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Charity Programs

The Fund provides targeted aid to international athletes who have been forced to stop competing for non-sporting reasons, due to unilateral decisions of various organizations, economic or social reasons that prevent them from taking part in sports competitions and / or engaging in sports activities.

Psychological care

The Foundation cooperates with seasoned specialists in the field of general and sports psychology. Not only the physical but also the mental health of our beneficiaries is important to us. Mental health courses for the participants of the Foundation are aimed at providing targeted aid to each athlete.

Legal assistance

Professional lawyers provide legal services and legal advice to the beneficiaries of the Foundation. The Foundation engages specialists in various areas of law to support athletes who are in a difficult situation. Each individual case is analyzed in detail in order to choose the most effective strategy for protecting the violated rights of our beneficiaries.

Educational aid

The Foundation provides assistance to the athletes who want to gain new knowledge in educational institutions of both higher and professional education, as well as assists them in taking part in special training programs. The Foundation’s cooperation with leading educational institutions and learning platforms enables the beneficiaries of the Foundation to choose the educational profile that suits them and acquire the necessary skills.

Career guidance

The team of the Foundation assists athletes in finding new employment, preparing a CV properly and identifying the most interesting and fitting career areas. We collaborate with leading employment centers and job-promoting organizations, as well as the largest employers from various industries. We help the beneficiaries of the Foundation to discover themselves, providing an opportunity to gain new experience and develop professionally in the most comfortable environment.

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