Margarita Tereschenkova Master of Sports of International Class in para cross-country skiing and biathlon
I want to thank the team of the We Compete As One foundation for their work! After the suspension, I was morally broken, I didn’t want to believe in what had happened. I lost motivation and felt like I was just going with the flow. It made me sad and depressed. I learned about the Foundation from a friend of mine, who had already joined it. At first, I doubted that someone would be able to help me, but how wrong I was!

The team of We Compete As One consists of great specialists: managers, mentors, tutors. Special thanks to my personal manager, a friendly and helpful man!

Psychological support is the main area of assistance that I’ve received being a part of the Foundation. During the sessions with a sports psychologist, I managed to sort out what was bothering me and determine the way of solving the problems. Each new meeting made me feel better. The sessions made my every day happier and easier!

It’s nice to work with people who understand you and your condition not only as a person, but also as a professional athlete. I became much more emotionally stable and managed to overcome my apathy! My future sports achievements will be the best thanks to the Foundation’s team!
Julia Mikheeva Master of Sports in para cross-country skiing and biathlon
When I joined the We Compete As One foundation, I felt like I was driving a car at full speed with no wheel in it, in total uncertainty, covering my face with my hands. I needed to distract myself from what had happened, to find support. The Foundation’s specialists helped me with it: they organised a course of psychological sessions for me, and gave me an opportunity to continue my English studies.

Before the first meeting with a psychologist, I did not clearly understand what to do. With no goals and little motivation left I had a big risk of premature sports career end. Now I see things in a different way. The specialist helped me take back control of my own life. Thanks to our sessions, now I am confident for the day and ready to move on.

I started learning English several times. However, the busy schedule of a pro athlete has little room for studies. With the help of the Foundation’s team, I managed to find a comfortable format of classes and a convenient curriculum, and now I feel the progress achieved. My English-speaking friends notice that I began to speak and understand foreign speech better, that makes me really happy!

We Compete As One gave me an opportunity to redefine new goals and priorities in my life. I would like to thank the whole team and the founder of the Foundation for the work done!
Vsevolod Shcheglov Candidate Master of Sports in para snowboard
When I learned about the suspension of our team from participation in the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Games, I felt like everything I’d gone through on the way to the main competitions of the four years was in vain. I joined the We Compete As One foundation a couple of months later. Finally, I was able to share my story, tell about my current condition and what I need most at the moment.

The Foundation’s team offered me a course of sessions with a sports psychologist. The specialist helps athletes find motivation to continue one’s career, as well as determine a new way beyond sport. During our meetings, we discussed most pressing issues of self-esteem, self-confidence, and goal-setting. This allowed me to find new strength to train further and prepare for competitions to come. For the first time in a while, I feel myself better.

I know that the Foundation is ready to help athletes reinvent themselves. I have no doubt about the professionalism of the team and I am sure that will always find a helping hand here!
Anastasiya Karmaeva World champion in MMA, champion of Russia in martial arts and wrestling
The team of the We Compete As One foundation includes sincere people and true professionals. From the first day of our acquaintance, we established a trusting relationship, here I’ve found much-needed support.

I have already begun to improve my knowledge of English with the help of the Foundation. The thing I like the most is that I see progress even though a little time has passed. This is a great merit of my new teacher, of course!

The Foundation’s specialists helped me get a new job in the sports development and youth policy department of a prominent Russian company. This very area interests me a lot, so finally I can put the experience I’ve gained into practice. There is my first business trip coming up, so now I am delving into workflows and business processes.

The Foundation helped me in difficult times and allowed me to look at my life in a new way. It is great to realise that today there are still such empathetic people as the founder of We Compete As One, Nikita Mazepin, who are always ready to come to aid!
Anna Panferova Master of Sports of International Class in para cross-country skiing and biathlon
I want to thank the We Compete As One foundation for the psychological support I got here. The sports psychologist I worked with helped me understand myself better, gave me valuable advices on how to move forward, and taught me a lot of new things.

When the Russian team was suspended from the Beijing 2022 Paralympics, I was shocked and felt a mix of being angry and devastated. I wanted to show everyone how unfair this decision was, at the same time I was about to stop training at all. The Foundation’s psychologist helped me get out of depression and start addressing my issues. Now I’m not that worried about the events of 2022 anymore, I’ve found strength and desire to keep on working!

I would like to thank my manager, who is always ready to help and hear me out. I was so pleased to meet such a sensitive and friendly attitude to myself!

Being a part of the Foundation, I finally realised what I would like to do outside of sport. Here I got an opportunity to start learning English, the thing I had been dreaming of for a long time. Now I feel really happy, and I thank the Foundation’s team for the work done!
Natalya Aristarkhova Master of Sports of International Class in athletics
Regardless of my mood before a psychological session, after every lesson I was more self-confident, peaceful and looking forward to the next meeting. Each session gave me a new load of knowledge about myself.

The turning point of the course was a comprehensive analysis of my character qualities. I saw that it is not that bad – I used to think that I had completely burned out and broke down. Now I know it for sure – I am still motivated, can prioritize and achieve my goals. Most importantly, I learnt that I could work out the issues that knock me out of my “sports balance”.

Now I am learning to relax, reinforcing my strength with ideomotor trainings. Finally, I know how to suppress my hyper-responsibility – to focus on myself and prioritize my work, say “not now”, “I will do it later”, “no”, etc.

I realized that you can improve and love yourself at any age. I thank the Foundation’s team for meeting such a highly qualified specialist and a wonderful person.

We Compete As One foundation provides comprehensive support to athletes suspended from competitions for non-sporting reasons.
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