We Compete As One Foundation took part in the conference “Masters of Sport: New Rules of the Game”

Nikita Mazepin, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation, and Elena Rufova, CEO of We Compete As One Foundation, took part in the forum of sports industry entrepreneurs “Masters of Sport: New Rules of the Game”. The forum was organized by FCongress with the support of Forbes Russia.

Leaders and managers of major sports companies, representatives of sports federations and key figures of the sports media discussed pressing issues regarding development of sports and business in the country: sports events, startups, financing and investments, and international communication channels.

Nikita Mazepin was one of the moderators at the plenary session. The discussion was devoted to the topic “Sports business in an era of change: a time of flexibility.” The participants discussed the development of domestic sports events, strengthening cooperation with friendly countries, and talked about returning the focus to mass sports, which require walking distance to sports facilities.

Nikita Mazepin, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation:

“The challenges that the sports sector has been facing for a year and a half now pose serious questions and difficult tasks for us. Today, sport in our country requires an integrated approach, including the creation of tools for the development of the industry, which will be equally in demand both by business and by a wide audience. The industry support mechanisms discussed at the forum are not just concepts and proposals, but a necessary set of measures that will allow us to win the “new” rules of the game.”

One of the discussions was devoted to charity in sports. The speakers discussed the problems and possible solutions to the development of this area, as well as shared plans for the future.

Elena Rufova, CEO of the Foundation:

“Our Foundation is developing, and another area of our activity is the development of mass sports. We act as partners at sporting events, including organizing our own. One example is the Nikita Mazepin Karting Cup, which has been held for the second year in a row. Each stage of the Cup gathers more than 100 participants from all over Russia.”

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